Local Ore Prospecting Programme and Development

In addition to the development projects of the silver mine, Sotkamo Silver also develops and searches for future growth paths in accordance with its strategy. Project REX is a local ore prospecting programme to develop an attractive mineral resource portfolio and to find new exploitable ore resources in the Finnish Kainuu region.

In the subsequent years, Sotkamo Silver will focus on the development of the current mine and the sites in its imme-diate vicinity. There are several indications of possible ore deposits in the Company's current main area of operations, the Tipasjärvi greenstone belt regional exploration in Sotkamo, and the geological nature of the area is highly similar to that of the silver mine. Deposits have also been found in the northern part of the greenstone belt in Kuhmo, Finland, and more extensively studied key projects include Hietaharju and Peura-Aho in the Suomussalmi area. The Suomussalmi area in Finland is a particularly promising project, and Sotkamo Silver has already acquired the mining rights to Suomussalmi's reserves.

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