Sotkamo Silver in Brief

Sotkamo Silver is a mining and ore prospecting company that develops and utilises mineral deposits in the Kainuu region in Finland.


Sotkamo Silver supports the global development towards green transition technologies and produces the metals needed responsibly and by taking local stakeholders into account. Sotkamo Silver's main project is a silver mine located in Sotkamo, Finland. In addition to silver, the mine produces gold, zinc and lead. The ores are processed into concentrates, which are sold to the smelters in accordance with a supply agreement. The Company also has mining and ore prospecting rights for mineral deposits in the vicinity of the silver mine in Kainuu.

The Company's strength is the ability to reproduce mining know-how and operational activities in a sustainable and responsible manner in new projects. Sotkamo Silver cooperates with reliable partners in the value chain and is committed to operating responsibly.

Sotkamo Silver Group consists of the parent company Sotkamo Silver AB and its wholly owned Finnish subsidiary (Sotkamo Silver Oy). Sotkamo Silver is listed at NGM Main Regulated in Stockholm and at Nasdaq Helsinki. Sotkamo Silver has approximately 20,000 shareholders, of which approximately 80% are from Finland.

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