The Sotkamo Silver Group consists of the parent company Sotkamo Silver AB and its wholly-owned subsidiary Sotkamo Silver Oy. The Group's administration, management and supervision are divided between the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and CEO. Corporate governance complies with Swedish and Finnish laws, such as the Limited Liability Companies Act, securities markets legislation, the rules of Stockholm NGM Main Regulated, official regulations related to the governance of a public limited liability company and the Articles of Association.

Sotkamo Silver AB complies with the Stockholm NGM Insider Guidelines and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, which is publicly available on the website of Kollegiet för svensk bolagsstyrning ( The aim of the Corporate Governance Code is to promote and harmonise high-quality governance and practices in Swedish listed companies.

Sotkamo Silver Group's internal audit is the responsibility of the company's CFO under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the auditors are responsible for external audit. The CEO is responsible for operative business together with the Group Management Team.

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