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Responsibility and transparency are important values for Sotkamo Silver. In order to promote an open and transparent corporate culture, we are implementing a method to report possible abuses according to EU directive 2019/1937. The reporting channel for suspected abuses is provided by an external service provider, and it works independently of Sotkamo Silver's systems. First Whistle offers our employees, customers and other partners a confidential channel to report their suspicions of possible abuse or improper activity.​

Preliminary it’s preferable to talk things out, but if the matter is so difficult that you don't want to proceed with discussion, filing a report is a good option. The law obliges you to make your report honestly and in good faith. In terms of processing the report, it is essential to distinguish between what you know and what you believe has happened. After filing the report, write down your report ID, which you can use to return to the information of your report. The report can be made anonymously, and the reporting channel is structured in such a way that your privacy is protected at every stage of the process. Notifications are handled confidentially by a representative of Sotkamo Silver's personnel or financial administration.​

The whistleblowing channel can be found at https://www.firstwhistle.fi/sotkamosilver and is available in Finnish, English and Swedish​

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More information about the notification procedure:


https://turvaviesti.gov.fi/ilmoituskanava-rapporteringskanal  (Finnish and Swedish)

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