Social Licence and Responsibility

Sotkamo Silver enjoys the support and approval of the local community and it cooperates closely with its various stakeholders in environmental matters. The Company has committed to comply with the sustainability standards that have been issued by the Finnish network for sustain-able mining, the implementation of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety systems, and the continuous improvement of processes that increase materials efficiency.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Sustainability and respect for local business are at the core of Sotkamo Silver's strategy. The Company operates responsibly and takes the environment, the stakeholders in the business area and the safety of its employees into account. The Company is a reliable and responsible partner with regard to environmental impact assessment and in related licensing processes.

Sotkamo Silver is currently implementing an energy effi-ciency project with key partners to reduce its overall energy consumption per oz of silver produced. The Company also aims to increase the share of renewable energy, to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and to promote recycling and the principles of circular economy in its operations. Sotkamo Silver is committed to the reha-bilitation of its mining areas, including reforestation and restoration.

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