A Strong Demand for Silver on the Market due to the Green Transition

The metals produced in the silver mine make it possible to use green, renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. Silver cannot be replaced in many applications, and it plays a key role in the industry, in the continuous electrification of modern society and in many key renewable energy solutions.

Continuous Production and a Delivery Contract for Concentrates

The cash-flow producing mining operations at the Sotkamo silver mine are in a stable produc-tion phase. The investments made in the production process and its cost efficiency also enable mining in new areas. All metal concen-trates produced at the silver mine have been agreed to be delivered to smelters in Sweden and Finland.

Plans to Extend the Life of the Silver Mine

Sotkamo Silver aims to extend the life of the silver mine to 2030 with an additional programme for infill drilling and a develop-ment programme in accordance with Project P700, which includes drilling, excavation in the silver mine, and infrastructure construc-tion. Sotkamo Silver also aims to extend the Life of Mine (LOM) further to 2035 with sepa-rate exploration drilling.

The Ore Prospecting Programme, Promising Mineral Resources and Strong Expertise are Creating a Future  Growth Path

Sotkamo Silver also develops and searches for future growth paths in accordance with its strategy. Project REX is a local ore prospect-ing programme to develop an attractive mineral resource portfolio and to find new exploitable mineral resources in the Finnish Kainuu region. Strong mining know-how and operational activity make it possible to repro-duce mining operational activities in new projects.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Sotkamo Silver is committed to sustainable development, it has the support and approval of the local community and it cooperates with stakeholders in environmental matters.

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