Silver Makes It Possible to Use Green, Renewable Energy, Such as Wind and Solar Power

Silver plays a key role in the industry, in the continuous electrification of modern society and in many key renew-able energy solutions. Silver has the best thermal conductivity of all metals, and its ability to conduct heat and electricity makes it a versatile material for the needs of the metal industry (

Most of the world's silver supply (80%), comes from mines, and the remaining 20% is mainly derived from recycling. The industry is responsible for more than half of global silver demand, but silver is also used in the jewellery industry, in cutlery, in coins and as an investment.

Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

Silver and gold in semiconductors, sensors, cable harnesses, controllers, displays, etc.

Silver carbonate anodes in solid electrolyte lithium batteries

Concentrating solar power plants, wind turbines and new battery technologies

Solar Cells and Renewable Energy

Silver plays a key role in the production of solar cells to be used as a source of green electricity

Smartphones and Other Devices

Silver nanowires replace indium tin oxide in touchscreens

Silver Institute
An annual report on the global silver market, "World Silver Survey" has been published since 1990 by the Silver Institute. The Survey provides market participants with supply and demand statistics for key sectors of the silver market, as well price and trade data. Copies of each year’s report are available in PDF format on the web pages of the Silver Institute and are freely downloaded:

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