Reports, Resource Estimates

Silver Mine Project


  180601 Tampere and Norway projects
  170815 Infill drilling  - the best intersections 
  Technical Report 2017
  BFS Update 2016 - Silver Mine Project
  Review of the Sotkamo Silver Mining Plan and Mineral Reserves, February 2016
  The Mofjell Project: Summary and conclusions, NGU Report 2013.048
   Hopeavuori Metatllurgical Test

 Hopeavuori Mineral Resource Estimate, December 2014
   BFS Update 2014 - Silver Mine Project
   BFS Update 2014 - Silver Mine project Appendices
   Review Of The Sotkamo Silver Mine Ore Reserves March 2014
   Silver Mine - Mineral Resource Estimate Update 140115
   131002 Infill drilling-program 131002
   Sotkamo Silver Deposit at Sotkamo: Geological Model of EM Sampo Sounding 130821
   Equator Principles Assessment Sotkamo Silver Oy 
   MINERAL PROPERTIES OF SOTKAMO SILVER OY - Tipasjärvi Greenstone Belt and
Tampere Gold District, Finland
  KPMG - Financial summary of Bankable Feasibility Study and Sotkamo Silver Mining Plan May 20, 2012
   Review of Silver Mine Planning - Outotec 120420
   Silver Mine Bankable Feasibility Study WAI - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 120524
  Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Bankable Feasibility Stydu, May 2012
   Geological Survey of Finland Mineral M/185K/2011: Electromagnetic SAMPO soundings at  Taivaljärvi  120124
   Geological Survey of Finland Mineral Processing C/MT/2011/13: Beneficiation Tests on Taivaljärvi Ore.
  Geological Survey of Finland Mineral Processing C/MT/2007/28: Taivaljärvi Concentrator.
  Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Project Environmental Baseline Study Part II (on Finnish 2008)
   Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Project Environmental Baseline Study Part I (2006)

Mineral Resource Estimates

   Hopeavuori Mineral Resource Estimate, December 2014
  Sotkamo Silver AB_Resource Statement_January 2014, JORC-code
  Sotkamo Silver AB_Resource Statement_December 2011, JORC-code
  Taivaljärvi Mineral Resource January 2011, NI 43 101
  The Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Ag-Zn-Pb-Mn Deposit, Finland; Review and Update of Mineral Resource Estimates, Finland, April 2010, NI 43 101
  Mineral Resource Estimate for the Taivaljärvi Ag-Zn-Pb-Au Deposit, Finland, May 2007, NI 43 101

Other Reports

  Precious and base metals overview