Silver Mine - Project Basics


The Silver Mine deposit is located in eastern Finland, in the municipality of Sotkamo, approximately 475 kilometres NE from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Finnish national grid coordinates define the deposit's at approximate E 4453 500 N 7093 600 location, and it is located on map sheet 4322 12. Latitude and longitude for the deposit are 63°56'18.35"N and 29°2'54.96"E. Elevation is approximately 220 metres above the sea level and the area is smoothly undulating terrain, dominated by forest, bogs and shallow lakes. The location of the Silver Mine deposit is shown in the map below. The deposit is even called Taivaljärvi deposit.

Access and Infrastructure

Access to the Silver Mine Site is good. A paved road extends nearly all the way from road No. 76, which interconnects the nearest towns of Sotkamo and Kuhmo. The final 12 kilometres are gravel road with some weight restrictions for heavy equipment in springtime.

The previous holder of the deposit developed an inclined tunnel to access the mineralisation.

The closest access to a railroad is in Sotkamo town, approximately 40 kilometres WNW from the Taivaljärvi deposit.

The power line substation (20kV) is approximately one kilometre NE of the site, and a 110kV power substation is approximately 25 kilometres away.

The nearest commercial airport is in Kajaani (IATA code KAJ), approximately 85 kilometres WNW from the site and the nearest town is Kuhmo which is approximately 30 kilometres NE from the Silver Mine site.

The map below shows the location of the Silver Mine's claim area, the local road network and nearest bigger towns, Sotkamo and Kuhmo.


Seasonal temperatures vary drastically, as well as the length of the day. The coldest month is February (average temperature around -9 degrees Celsius) and the warmest is July (average temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius). Winter usually begins in late October when the first snow falls. Typically the snow cover thaws in late April or early May. Snow cover can reach up to 130cm in mid-winter (February). December has the least daylight hours, approximately 5 hours per day; however, from April to the beginning of September there are over 12 hours of daylight each day.

Picture 1. Average monthly rainfall in millimetres in the Silver Mine region.


Picture 2. Mean monthly temperature (degrees Celsius) in the region.

Mineral Rights

Sotkamo Silver has secured mineral rights and the mining concession over the known Taivaljärvi deposit by claiming six mining claims covering a total of 530 hectares.

The Company has applied for 35 exploration claims in the Tipasjärvi Greenstone Belt area near Silver Mine. Archean Greenstone belts are known for their world-class gold and nickel deposits, especially in Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Picture 2: Mining Concession Area of Silver Mine and planned infrastructure. The mining concession area is total 371,44 hectares.


Picture 3 below: Geophysics map over the Tipasjärvi Greenstone Belt and the known mineral deposits.