Insider List

Information regarding insider positions and insider shareholdings is registered in Finansinspektionen's public insider register

Direct link to Sotkamo Silver AB's insider register is here.

The following persons are considered to have an insider position in the Company:

Updated 2017-05-03

Members of the Board   Position
Mauri Visuri   Chairman
Jarmo Vesanto   Member
Teuvo Jurvansuu   Member
Matti Rusanen   Member
Timo Lindborg   Chief Executive Officer
Ilkka Tuokko   Chairman of Sotkamo Silver Oy
Paul Johnsson   Chief Financial Officer
Arttu Ohtonen   Managing Director of Sotkamo Silver Oy 
Arto Suokas   Mine Director of Sotkamo Silver Oy
Anna Rosendal   Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sweden