Executive Team

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Timo Lindborg

President and Chief Executive Officer May 1, 2010. Doctor of Technology, Master of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Geology. Adjunct Professor at Oulu University: Business Processes in the Mining Industry. Former Chief Executive Officer of Endomines AB, Endomines Oy and Kalvinit Oy. He has wide and versatile knowledge of mining projects and Nordic companies. Born 1955.


Shareholdings: 3 605 127


Paul Johnsson

Chief Financial Officer since May 2017. He has the degree of the Master of Science in Business and Economics from Umeå University, has worked six years as a controller in the Mining Business. Born 1971.

Shareholdings: 0.


Ilkka Tuokko

Chairman of the Board of the Finnish subsidiary Sotkamo Silver Oy since November 2015 and the member of the management group. Mr. Tuokko has a Master of Sciences in geology and mineralogy from Oulu University. Former Group Geology & Mining Manager of Mondo Minerals B.V.. He has more than 30 years experience in mining projects and international mining companies. Ilkka has ”Competent Person” status, according to Australian JORC and Swedish SveMin. Member of the Board in Sotkamo Silver AB 2010-2011. Born 1950.

Shareholdings: 5 800.

Arttu Ohtonen

Managing director of the Finnish subsidiary Sotkamo Silver Oy since November 2015. Arttu Ohtonen has been employed by the Company since 2012. His role has been as Environmental Manager at Sotkamo Silver. He is authorised as Mining Safety Person for the Silver Mine. He will continue in this position. Arttu Ohtonen has a Master of Science in Technology in the process and environmental engineering from Oulu University. Born 1985.


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Arto Suokas

Arto Suokas has been appointed Managing Director of the subsidiary Sotkamo Silver Oy, and he also continues as Silver Mine Director. He is even a member of the leading group. Arto Suokas is MSc n mining technology from Aalto University. He has an MBA examen (Technology Management), from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He has more than 30 years of domestic and international experience from mining industry.

Born 1958

Aktieinnehav (eget eller närståendes): 30 000