Our commitments to responsible management include:

  • Our vision is a Zero Harm workplace. We aim to provide a good, safe and stimulating working environment for our employees and contractors. We develop and maintain a positive safety-culture, behaviour and awareness amongst our employees and contractors and encourage and promote their wellbeing.

  • We identify and assess risks and impacts to the environment, safety, and the community before undertake any activities and ensure that the identified risks and impacts are prevented, minimised and when unavoidable, mitigated.

  • We work to avoid net loss or degradation of natural habitats, biodiversity and eco-services.

  • We address social and environmental aspects during project-planning and implementation. We continuously strive to improve the efficiency how we use raw-materials, energy and naturalresources and apply best available technology, as appropriate.

  • We proactively, openly and honestly communicate with authorities, organisations and persons affected by our project, and take their concerns into account during our decision making.

  • We respect and value the culture, customs, interests and rights of the communities where we operate.

  • We see diverse workforce as strength and provide a work-environment where everyone is treated fair and with respect.

  • We undertake our exploration-activities in a manner which takes into consideration environmental aspects, landowners and other interested and affected parties.

  • Sotkamo Silver upholds ethical business-practices and meets, which fulfil legal- and other requirements, or where less stringent than our standards, exceeds the legal and other requirements.

  • We will monitor our management of safety-, health-, environment- and community as well as their accomplishments and we will set objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement. 


Environmental impacts of mining activities

Environmental impacts of mining activities are soil pollution and emissions in the air and water. Mining causes major physical interference with nature. The amount of residues is significant and often contain metals. The mining activities also consume significant amounts of energy.

Emissions in the air occur primarily as exhaust from diesel vehicles, diesel electrical aggregates and other equipment. Emissions in the water may be in the form of residual chemicals from water beneficiation, water that contains traces of explosives, soot, dust and waste oil leaking from the mine tunnels. Contamination of land may be in the form of waste oil and dust which contains metals.

Long-term environmental impacts of mining activity occur mainly due to sulfoxidation of tailings and waste rock heaps. Sulfoxidation can give rise to acid percolating water which contains metals.

Sotkamo Silver has an environmental policy designed to minimise impacts on air, water and land:

  • Educate and involve all employees and subcontractors into environmental work of Sotkamo Silver
  • Minimise use of energy and water
  • Use technology that reduces the use of chemicals and raw materials
  • Measure and monitor the impact on affected areas
  • Reduce the noise of the operations by locating noise sources underground
  • Follow the laws and regulations
  • Strive for continuous improvement