Corporate Governance

The corporate governance and the audit reports/statements can be found in the Annual Reports, which can be downloaded from:


As a limited liability company incorporated in Sweden, Sotkamo Silver is governed under the provisions of the Swedish Companies Act and its Articles of Association. The Board of Directors has responsibility for control and management of the Company, and Chief Executive Officer has the day-to-day responsibility. Shareholders participate in the control and management of Sotkamo Silver through actions taken at general meetings.

The Board of Directors at Sotkamo Silver AB sets the standard for the Company's business. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee management. To fulfil its responsibilities and to discharge its duty, the Board of Directors follows the procedures and standards that are outlined in the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and the Guidelines issued by NGM Equity stock exchange, Stockholm.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Code is based on the principle of complying or explain. That means that Sotkamo Silver do not always have to comply with every rule in the Code. If the Company finds that a certain rule is inappropriate due to particular circumstances, it can choose another solution than that found in the Code. The company must, however, clearly state that it has not complied with the rule, along with an explanation of the Company's preferred solution and the reason for this.  Companies must also give an account of how they have applied the Code in an Annual Corporate Governance Report, including alternative solutions and the reasons for them.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Code is available on The Swedish Corporate Governance Board’s website:

Internal control

The foremost aims of corporate governance are to promote active and responsible ownership, to uphold a transparent and sound balance of power between owners, board and corporate management as well as to ensure correct and accessible corporate information towards the shareholders, the capital market, and the society. Sotkamo Silver AB´s corporate governance and internal control are described in Annual Report and the latest issued prospectus.

Financial and resource reporting

The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure that Company’s organisation is structured in such a way that the Company’s financial circumstances can be satisfactory controlled and that external financial information such as Interim Reports and Annual Reports are prepared in accordance with the legal requirements, relevant accounting standards and other rules and directives applicable to listed companies. Sotkamo Silver applies International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as approved by the European Union.

The Company has also chosen to report mineral resources and ore reserves according to the internationally accepted JORC or NI 43-101-codes.

The Interim Reports are examined by the Board as a whole and issued by the CEO on behalf of the Board. The CEO ensures that financial accounting in the group companies is carried out in compliance with legal requirements and that financial management is conducted in a satisfactory manner.       

The Board ensures the quality of the Group’s financial reporting and deals not only with the Company’s financial reports and significant accounting matters, but also matters related to internal control, compliance with rules, reliability of reported values, events after the balance date, changes in estimates, judgments and other conditions which affect the quality of the financial statements.

Risks and risk management

Sotkamo Silver works continuously to assess and evaluate risks, which the Group is, and maybe, exposed to.

The CEO and the Board are responsible for specifying and implementing day-to-day risk, management procedures and to ensure that risks are taken into account in the Group’s strategic planning. The CEO coordinates risk-management activities and risk-reporting.

Sotkamo Silver divides its risks into two main categories: Business- and industry-related risks and risks associated with shares. The risks, which Sotkamo Silver is, or may be exposed to, are described in the Annual Report.

Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting adopts the following guidelines for the nominating process. The owners, based on statistics from Euroclear Sweden AB on August 31st, which holds the largest number of shares and voting-rights shall, after consultation with the three next biggest shareholders, appoint a Nominating Committee of three people. The composition will be published on the Company's web page. The Nominating Committee’s task is to present proposals before the Annual General Meeting regarding a number of the Directors, composition of the Board and fees payable to Directors and special fees payable for Committee Assignments if any. Further, the Nominating Committee shall present proposals to the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman to preside over the Annual General Meeting and, where applicable, on auditors and their fees. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee is appointed by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee’s Mandate-period applies until a new Nominating Committee has been appointed. If a member of the Nominating Committee leaves the Committee before its assignment has been completed, or if a material change occurs in the ownership after the appointment of the committee, the Nominating Committee’s composition shall be changed in accordance with the above principles. Changes in the composition of the Nominating Committee shall be published on the Company´s website.

The Nominating Committee’s proposals shall be publicly announced in connection with the publication of the notice of the Annual General Meeting. In connection with its assignment the Nominating Committee shall fulfill the duties which, according to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, are incumbent upon the company’s nominating process, and upon request of the Committee, Sotkamo Silver shall provide personnel resources, such as a secretarial function for the Nominating Committee, to facilitate the Committee’s work. Where needed, Sotkamo Silver shall also be able to bear reasonable costs for external consultants, which are deemed by the Nominating Committee to be necessary for the Committee to fulfil its assignment.


The primary objective of remuneration is to attract, retain and motivate key personnel, as well as to provide a competitive remuneration-package in the prevailing market situation. To ensure that compensation elements are aligned with shareholder interests, remuneration is based on the achievement of specific individual targets and corporate goals. Furthermore, remuneration levels are systematically compared to the industry’s general remuneration practices, and long-term incentive schemes are based on the positive development of the Company’s goals.

Remuneration of members of the Board of Directors

Remuneration of the Board of Directors consists of annual compensation. The Annual General Meeting decides on the remuneration of members of the Board of Directors. In 2019 the AGM decided the annual compensation of the members of the Board as follows: Fees to the directors shall be in total EUR 114,000, exclusive of meeting fees, of which
the chairman shall receive a fee of EUR 32,400, to be paid monthly with EUR 2,700, the vice chairman shall receive a fee of EUR 19,200, to be paid monthly with EUR 1,600 and the other directors, who are not employed in the Sotkamo Group of companies, shall receive a fee of EUR 15,600 each, to be paid monthly with EUR 1,300. In addition, a meeting fee is paid to each director with EUR 500 per meeting. The remuneration to be paid for work in an audit committee or any other board committee, if any, is in the form of a meeting fee to each member of EUR 500 per meeting. The fee to the chairman for the year 2018 was SEK 300,000 and to a board member SEK 200,000, respectively, with no meeting fees and no fees for work in a committee, if any.

Guidelines for compensation to Management

The 2019 Annual General Meeting adopted the guidelines, which mainly involves that the Company will offer its executives market-based remuneration, which will enable the Group to recruit and retain qualified employees. With senior management and senior executives are meant the managing director and other members of the management. The remuneration may consist of the following components (i) fixed base salary, (ii) variable compensation, (iii) pension benefits and (iv) other customary benefits. The variable remuneration will be paid based on performance goals achieved by the Company as a whole and performance targets for the individual employee. The variable salary will be maximized to 25 per cent of the fixed salary. Pension benefits should be premium-based and may reach 20 per cent of the base salary. The board of directors may diverge from the above principles if special reasons apply in an individual case.

Management’s service contracts and compensation

Monthly contract fee for CEO is 22 991 €, inclusive of all duties and social security costs, but exclusive allowances for business-trips. The agreement is valid until further notice. Three (3) months written notice from each party may terminate the agreement. Upon termination from the Company for reasons other than substantial breach of the service-agreement or gross misconduct, will entitle CEO an additional compensation of twelve (12) months fee.

Compensation to Managing Director in the Finnish subsidiary consists of base salary and an annual performance-based bonus. Base-salary is based on the executive’s position, skills, experience and individual performance. The pension benefits are determined by statutory employment pension cover and complementary pension-insurance. The Managing Director is entitled to a daily allowance for business-trips and a company car, by the tax guidelines of the Finnish Tax Administration and the maximum amounts decided by the Ministry of Finance from time to time. Other remunerations are selected fringe-benefits such as liability- and travellers-insurance and benefits related to mobile-phone.

To ensure that compensation elements are aligned with shareholders´ interest, remuneration is based on the achievement of specific individual targets and corporate goals. Total remuneration development is regularly compared to general remuneration developments within the industry.

Compensation Table 2018
Amount KSEK


Follow-up committee




 Mauri Visuri,  Chairman of the Board 300 293 - - 593
 Matti Rusanen,  Member of the Board 200    - - 200
 Eeva-Liisa Virkkunen, Member of the Board 200   - -  200
 Ilkka Tuokko, Member of the Board 200 320 - - 520
 Jarmo Vesanto, Member of the Board 200 206  - -  406
 Timo Lindborg VD   2 585    - -       2 585
 Other management, 2 people  2 135   422         391 2 949
 TOTAL 4 506 819 422 391 7 453









The AGM resolved in 20186that the Board of Directors shall consist of sex ordinary members and no deputies.

It was resolved to re-elect Maurii Visuri, Jarmo Vesanto, Matti Rusanen, Ilkka Tuokko, Eeva-Liisa Virkunen and as new member Maria Neovius

Members independent to the Company are Matti Rusanen, Eeva-Liisa Virkkunen and Maria Neovius.

Anna Rosendahl, Certified Public Accountant at Öhrlings Pricewaterhouse Coopers was re-elected until next AGM 2019.


The Company has a policy, which covers dealing in securities and applies to public as well as company- and project-specific insiders.  A comprehensive register of public insiders which consist of Directors, Senior Executives and any other persons whose holdings are public according to Swedish law, is maintained by the Company and available on the website of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen.

Sotkamo Silver’s register of company-specific insiders includes individuals who are defined by the Company as such and who regularly receive insider-information, due to their position within the Company. The Company also maintains a project-specific insider register when necessary. Project-specific insiders are prohibited from trading in the Company's shares until the termination of the relevant project. All insiders are notified of close periods.

Sotkamo Silver Corporate Governance Statements

Auditor Anna Rosendal's statement about Corporate Governance report:

"A corporate governance report has been prepared and its statutory content is consistent with the annual report and the consolidated annual report".

Sotkamo Silver ABs Corporate Governance statement is available in the Annual Reports.


The Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting appoints members to the Board. Termination shall be at the Annual General Meeting which also appoints Directors for next year. Annual General Meeting decides annual remuneration payable for Board and Committee work and the basis for its determination. There are no contracts on notice periods, remuneration or any other terms of appointment related to a person’s status as a member of the Board.

The Board of Directors of Sotkamo Silver AB sets standards for the Company's employees. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of the Company's business. The Board of Directors carries out yearly a self-assessment of its performance. The result of the assessment is discussed by the Board and used in their developing work.


Financial Calendar

  • Interim report Q3, November 15, 2019
  • Year-End report, February 14, 2020