Business Concept, Objectives and Vision

Business Concept

Sotkamo Silver's business concept is to exploit mineral deposits in the Nordic countries with regard to human society and environment. Sotkamo Silver aims to be a leading developer of Nordic mineral deposits. The goal is to increase mineral resources and ore reserves by exploration, deposit development, and acquisitions, or partnerships.

Sotkamo Silver owns through its wholly owned subsidiary a silver deposit in Taivaljärvi, Finland, and a gold deposit in Hopeavuori in the Tampere region, Finland. In addition, there is one gold deposit, Harnäs, which is a former small-scale gold mining site in Sweden.

Sotkamo Silver's main project is Silver Mine project and the Company has completed a Feasibility Study for the project. Sotkamo Silver's vision is to take part in any future structural development and consolidation of the Nordic mining industry.

Business Objectives

Short-term goals

  • Accomplish negotiations and financing of the Silver Mine to start construction the Mine.
  • Develop Sotkamo Silver to a producing mining company with good returns for the company's shareholders.

Long-term goals

  • Continue to develop the other projects of Sotkamo Silver.
  • Our vision is to take part of a future structural development and consolidation of the Nordic mining industry.

Financial targets and dividend policy

  • The overall financial objective of Sotkamo Silver is to deal with the shareholders' capital in a cost-effective and responsible manner to maximize value creation.
  • Sotkamo Silver does not pay any dividend and does not intend to do so until the Company generates profits.

Business Vision

In order to achieve the goals of Sotkamo Silver the management has formulated the following strategies:

  1. Sotkamo Silver will operate with a team, which has a solid expertise in geology, mining, entrepreneurship, and management.

  2. Sotkamo Silver will use external and independent experts to reviews and evaluate the Company's estimates of reserves and resources and technical reports.

  3. Sotkamo Silver shall give clear and transparent information about its activity, primarily through press releases and activities through the Company website. The target group for information is primarily Company's over 6000 shareholders and potential new owners and investors.