Board of Directors

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Mauri Visuri
Chairman since 2011 and member of the Board since 2010.

Mauri Visuri has a Master's degree in economics from the University of Vaasa and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Vaasa Polytechnic. He has extensive experience in the mining- and processindustries. Mauri Visuri is Managing Director at Teknoventure Management Oy, where he has board memberships in Teknoventure’s portfolio companies.

Shareholdings: 0

Jarmo Vesanto

Member of the Board since 2013. 

Mr. Vesanto has a MSc degree in Geology and Mineralogy from the University of Oulu in Finland. He has extensive experience in international exploration and mining industry including 25 years with the Outokumpu Group in Finland, Australia and Canada. Prior to his retirement in March 2017, Mr. Vesanto worked nine years as General Manager of Altona Mining Ltd’s Finnish operations, and another three years as Business Development Director for Boliden Kylylahti Oy. In 2015 he received the fifth Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Special Award on outstanding contributions to Fennoscandian economic geology and mining industry. 

Mr. Vesanto doesn´t hold any shares in the Company. Mr. Vesanto is also independent to the Company, management and major shareholders of the Copmpany

Teuvo Jurvansuu
Member of the Board since 2010.

Mr. Jurvansuu has 35 years of experience within the mining industry. He has made a long career in Outokumpu Oy started already 1974 and left 2001. Mr. Jurvansuu worked in various mines in Finland during that period inclusive Vihanti, Keretti, Enonkoski and Pyhäsalmi mines. He held various positions in these mines inclusive the positions of Maintenance Engineer, Mine Superintendent, Maintenance Manager, Mine manager and General Manager. In 2001 he entered the position of Managing Director of Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy and at the same time Inmet Finland Oy. Mr. Jurvansuu retired from Inmet Finland Oy and Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy in 2009.

Mr. Vesanto is also independent to the Company, management and major shareholders of the Copmpany.

Shareholdings: 0


Matti Rusanen

Member of the Board since 2017.

Mr. Rusanen has a MSc degree from the University of Helsinki (MSc. Agriculture and Forestry) and an eMBA from the University of Tampere (Insurance and Financial Services). Mr. Rusanen has 30 years experience from the bank- and finance sectors. He was formerly Director and Head of Equity Investments at Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finland.

 Mr. Rusanen is also independent to the Company, management and major shareholders of the Copmpany.

Shareholdings: 0

 Ilkka Tuokko

Member of the Board since 2017.

Chairman of the Board of the Finnish subsidiary Sotkamo Silver Oy since November 2015. Mr. Tuokko has Master of Sciences in geology and mineralogy from Oulu University. Former Group Geology & Mining Manager of Mondo Minerals B.V.. He has more than 30 years experience from mining projects and international mining companies. Ilkka has ”Competent Person” status, according to Australian JORC and Swedish SveMin. Member of the Board in Sotkamo Silver AB 2010-2011.

Shareholdings: 5 800.

Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee for AGM 2017 at Sotkamo Silver AB

The Nomination Committee consists of:

Leena Siirala  (chairman), General Counsel, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Anna Kilpi, Director, HR, communications and legal affairs, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd

Mauri Visuri, Managing Director, Teknoventure Management Oy


The secretary of the committee is:

Mr Bertil Brinck, from A1 Advokater KB, Stockholm

Mr. Brinck will collect motions and proposals and answer to shareholders' questions about the nomination committee, etc.

Bertil Brinck can be reached at phone: +46 8 545 811 004